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Cafe Society

July 26, 2016

I choose to see this film because it was showing shortly after I walked into the theater.  The day was warm, humid rather like being in a mister or steam room.  Spending time in the movies rather than drive in rush hour seemed wise.   Jesse Eisenberg headed the cast and I said yes.  The opening credits spelled Woody Allen with  music and type face.  I had forgotten that this was his new movie.  What followed was an utterly charming film.  Beautiful sets, depicting a time when movie theaters were palaces, clubs were plush environments and life was lived without electronics.

I enjoyed the slow steady unfolding of the plot.  The twists came just before you expected them.  The love stories reminded me of what one would see in a 1930’s movie without the sentimentality or melodramatic emotional outbursts.  We follow Jesse’s character, Ben, from New York [where else?] to LA in order to try life away from family, a gangster brother and seek his fortune.  His uncle is a powerful Hollywood agent who gives Ben a job and introduces him to many influential people.  Thats all I will say.

Jesse Eisenberg played the Allen character and he nailed it.  The narration performed by Woody Allen seamlessly to Eisenberg’s performance and back again.  I loved Parker Posey in this film.  I always love Parker Posey.  She is unique and always fearless in her performances.  This film has a lot of class, all the elements exist in balance creating a satisfying film experience.  A very nice break from the usual summer blockbusters / eye candy sequel films.  I’ll see Jason Bourne but thats it.

I hope you see Cafe Society.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did or more.



Now You See Me 2

July 18, 2016

This film was good clean fun!  That would be my minimalist review.  Its really Big Fun.  All aspects delight:  The magic tricks are slick, visually imaginative, high tech and dazzling.  The intricate plot and fast pace keeps one riveted and guessing which side are some of the characters on.  Daniel Radcliffe’s presence in the film is an understated level of humor as is Mark Ruffalo’s character.  No Daniel never brandished a wand and Mark did not turn green, yet there were a couple of moments when I thought about it.  Then realized that would have been a different movie.

If  you haven’t seen Now You See Me, seeing it before viewing NYSM2 might be gratifying and not required for a thoroughly satisfying film experience.  I watched Now You See Me on youtube after I saw NYSM2 in the cinema.  Doing so  provided some continuity of character and plot development because I had forgotten a lot since the first film came out.

Bravo, well done to everyone involved with this film.  I hope the magical Four Horseman ride again.  I think they will.  I think we will be hearing more from The Eye.


Money Matters

July 18, 2016

This movie was much better than I expected.  Much better!

George Clooney plays a Jim Cramer-like character with a serious twist.  For those of you who do not watch the stock market or MSNBC, Jim Cramer is a well regarded commentator on the market.  He presents the news with sound effects etc that remind me of Bozo the clown.  The movie is full of engaging plot twists which peel back the main character’s tv persona keeping us intensely engaged and rooting for a positive outcome.  I will say no more.

Movie of Last Year

March 31, 2009

Finally saw “Slumdog Millionaire” last night.   The awards are well deserved.  The story unfolded in an intelligent, creative way.  Flashbacks arise in response to questions asked either by the police interrogator or the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” host.  Lots of suspense when we are on the tv show.  Lots of violence when we travel through the main character’s life experiences.

This movie shows us the extreme poverty our orphaned young characters endure. Children maimed to become more effective beggars, a documented  reality made more poignant because we know the children who are being exploited.

Why see this movie?  The cinematography is beautiful.  The performances well crafted, especially that of Irrfan Khan, police interrogator.  We in the   US were treated to another fine performance in “Namesake”  2006.  A marvelous intelligence holds the film together.  Mob violence movies have been a staple subject matter back to the beginning of film.  In this film, the subject seems new and fresh as well as the motations and factors that transform young children into thugs.

Hello world!

February 12, 2009

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