Cafe Society

I choose to see this film because it was showing shortly after I walked into the theater.  The day was warm, humid rather like being in a mister or steam room.  Spending time in the movies rather than drive in rush hour seemed wise.   Jesse Eisenberg headed the cast and I said yes.  The opening credits spelled Woody Allen with  music and type face.  I had forgotten that this was his new movie.  What followed was an utterly charming film.  Beautiful sets, depicting a time when movie theaters were palaces, clubs were plush environments and life was lived without electronics.

I enjoyed the slow steady unfolding of the plot.  The twists came just before you expected them.  The love stories reminded me of what one would see in a 1930’s movie without the sentimentality or melodramatic emotional outbursts.  We follow Jesse’s character, Ben, from New York [where else?] to LA in order to try life away from family, a gangster brother and seek his fortune.  His uncle is a powerful Hollywood agent who gives Ben a job and introduces him to many influential people.  Thats all I will say.

Jesse Eisenberg played the Allen character and he nailed it.  The narration performed by Woody Allen seamlessly to Eisenberg’s performance and back again.  I loved Parker Posey in this film.  I always love Parker Posey.  She is unique and always fearless in her performances.  This film has a lot of class, all the elements exist in balance creating a satisfying film experience.  A very nice break from the usual summer blockbusters / eye candy sequel films.  I’ll see Jason Bourne but thats it.

I hope you see Cafe Society.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did or more.



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