Now You See Me 2

This film was good clean fun!  That would be my minimalist review.  Its really Big Fun.  All aspects delight:  The magic tricks are slick, visually imaginative, high tech and dazzling.  The intricate plot and fast pace keeps one riveted and guessing which side are some of the characters on.  Daniel Radcliffe’s presence in the film is an understated level of humor as is Mark Ruffalo’s character.  No Daniel never brandished a wand and Mark did not turn green, yet there were a couple of moments when I thought about it.  Then realized that would have been a different movie.

If  you haven’t seen Now You See Me, seeing it before viewing NYSM2 might be gratifying and not required for a thoroughly satisfying film experience.  I watched Now You See Me on youtube after I saw NYSM2 in the cinema.  Doing so  provided some continuity of character and plot development because I had forgotten a lot since the first film came out.

Bravo, well done to everyone involved with this film.  I hope the magical Four Horseman ride again.  I think they will.  I think we will be hearing more from The Eye.



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