Movie of Last Year

Finally saw “Slumdog Millionaire” last night.   The awards are well deserved.  The story unfolded in an intelligent, creative way.  Flashbacks arise in response to questions asked either by the police interrogator or the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” host.  Lots of suspense when we are on the tv show.  Lots of violence when we travel through the main character’s life experiences.

This movie shows us the extreme poverty our orphaned young characters endure. Children maimed to become more effective beggars, a documented  reality made more poignant because we know the children who are being exploited.

Why see this movie?  The cinematography is beautiful.  The performances well crafted, especially that of Irrfan Khan, police interrogator.  We in the   US were treated to another fine performance in “Namesake”  2006.  A marvelous intelligence holds the film together.  Mob violence movies have been a staple subject matter back to the beginning of film.  In this film, the subject seems new and fresh as well as the motations and factors that transform young children into thugs.


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